Workshop Protocol

Before workshop

  • Instructor(s) create workshop notes on GitHub as an R markdown file
  • Instructor(s) create/test computing environment (i.e., binder, Farm HPC) for workshop material
  • Training coordinator creates pre- and post-workshop assessment surveys, with input from instructor(s)
  • Training coordinator emails notes, pre-workshop survey, and Zoom link to participants the day before the workshop

During workshop

  • Moderator begins by asking everyone to fill out the pre-workshop survey if they haven’t already, and to put up a raised hand Zoom reaction when they’ve completed the survey. Then, describe ways to ask for help during the workshop: 1) type in Zoom chat to everyone or as a direct message to moderator/helpers (introduce helpers), 2) unmute and ask; say that we prefer participants don’t use the raised hand reaction to ask a question, since that’s used for checking in. At this point, there should be a majority of raised hands up for the survey question. Turn over the mic to the instructor.
  • Moderator will keep track of chat questions, time (including a 5-minute break ~10:15 or 10:30am), and help share workshop resource links (i.e., section of workshop notes, exercises, post-workshop survey)
  • Helpers aide in tracking chat questions and participation during check ins (i.e., direct message participants who have not raised their hands to make sure they’re still following along)
  • Training team writes down typos, suggestions, etc. for the workshop and notes in the associated GitHub issue

After workshop

  • Training team updates workshop notes as needed
  • Training coordinator emails notes, workshop recording, and post-workshop survey link to participants some time after the workshop